Friday, November 12, 2010

Personal 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

This is a great buy at $59.99 plus with every order, you get a free Food Storage Calculator which is worth $14.95
This comes from Disaster Necessities .  Check out their site!!

I have put these together myself and I know I spent way more than this!  You can add a few personal things to this and it will be ready to go!

Product Description

Personal 72 Hour Emergency Survial Kit “EVERYTHING KIT”

This 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit has a little of everything, from search and rescue to trauma medical supplies.

1 – Large Backpack

1 – 3 Pack 8.5 oz. Water

1 – “D” size Flashlight

1 – Pack Alkaline Batteries

1 – 2400 Calorie Food Bar

1 – Pair Goggles

1 – Solar Blanket

1 – Hard Hat

1 – Work Gloves

1 – Burn Free Jel

1 – Gauze

1 – Bandages 1 – Clipboard

1 – Pencil & Accountability Forms

1 – Dust Mask

1 – AM/FM Radio with Batteries

1 – Whistle with Lanyard

1 – 15" Pry Bar

1 – Roll Duct Tape

1 – Roll ‘Caution’ Tape

1 – Safety Vest

1 – CPR Mouthpiece

1 – Ice Pack

1 – Adhesive Tape

Get all your 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kits from!

All Prices in US Dollars

*Keep in mind this is only for 1 person.  You would need to get one for every person in your house.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 Steps To Food Storage

Follow This link to find a guide called The 7 Steps To Food Storage.  This comes from a great website for all your emergency preparedness needs.

Cartoon Yourself!

If you want to have a little fun, go to MyWebFace to cartoon yourself.  You can actually do alot with your photos on this site.  Save your pic and add to facebook or save to computer photos to use as an avatar!

One Way To Get A Little More From That Ever Shrinking Dollar

Be sure to sign up for email alerts from the Dollar General website .  They have lots of coupons to apply to their already low prices and an awesome sweepstakes going on right now.  Check out this site for amazing savings!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Emergency Preparedness: FOOD STORAGE NOW

I think the the very best thing anyone can be doing right now is to store extra food.  Store the food you like to eat and use from it and then replace it. 
Depending on our geological location we are all faced with different emergency situations.  But according to all credible sources on inflation, we are about to see food prices explode!  Most experts feel by June of 2011 the food we use every day will quadruple in price!  That is crazy!  Right?  Actually, that is a modest projection.  Click here  for a report by NIA.
Why not be on the safe side?  Better safe than sorry! 
There are many ways you can do this.  You can just buy extra when you go to the store or you can shop with  food storage specialists like Emergency Essentials
I have personally used this online preparedness store for years and I have never been disappointed. 
Whichever method you decide on, it is important to decide! 
I will be posting on this subject every day, as I feel it is of utmost importance to all of us.  Check bank for ideas and resources to help you in this endeavor.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Dinner Planner

Need help planning for Thanksgiving Dinner?  This wonderful and FREE printable from Moms Budget is so awesome!  You can download it Here or visit the website .  There are also many other Holiday printables and organization helps.  Check this website out!! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

While searching the internet for deals, I have yet to come across anything better than Old Navy for babies and toddlers.  I ordered this onesy for $2.99 along with some other great deals.  They always have very cheap items.  Sometimes you have to look hard for them, but keep looking, they are there.  For instance, this color of onesy was the only one that was $2.99, the others were higher.  Sign up for their email alerts and get a free gift and gift on your birthday.  Also, free shipping always with orders over $50.
And, if that wasn't enough, from 11/11 - 11/18 you can get a coupon to take an extra 30% off just for liking Old Navy on Facebook.  Just go to your facebook page and type in Old Navy and like their page.  Scroll down a little and you should see the offer for 30% off.   Happy Shopping!