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November Sharing Time Ideas

November's Theme is:  When We Serve Others, We Serve God
November's Scripture is:  "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God" (Mosiah 2:17)

This month's theme is about one of my favorite scripture stories.  The Good Samaritan story.  This has so many opportunities to teach children about compassion and service.  To teach them that there are no monetary rewards for this kind of service, but the rewards they recieve will be worth so much more!  Here are few ideas that go along with this theme.

Here is a Sharing Time idea about serving from the September 2007 issue of the Friend Magazine.

This link is a great story about children and serving others from the December 2006 issue of the Friend.

Another great story about serving others from the Friend Magazine.

This is from the 1999 Friend.  A  lot of sharing time ideas about serving and following the example of Jesus Christ.

October Sharing Time Ideas

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Actually this is the 5th Sunday in October.  GC weekend didn't count.

October Sharing Time Week 4

Week 4: Temple work helps me and my family come unto Christ.

For sharing time this week I'm going to be using a great story from the Feb. 2002 Friend magazine and play a game that my primary kids love.

First, visit THIS  link and print the story and 2 coloring pages. I would print the images on cardstock. I colored them with markers, cut them out, and put sticky velcro (just the hooks) on the back.

Our church library has large (about 2x3) flannel boards you can check out. The velcro sticks perfectly to the flannel. If you don't have a flannel board, you could use a poster board and masking tape, or a magnet board and magnets, or even a chalkboard.

Begin by telling the story about the family that goes to the temple open house. I will invite one child to come up with me and help me put the pieces anywhere on the board. Ask questions as you go like: Why do they where booties in the temple? Why are they wearing their sunday best? How many oxen are there? How old do you need to be to do baptism for the dead?

Now that you have all the pieces up, it's time to play the game. Sometimes I bring a child up to help, other times I choose the piece. I call this game the Baby Shower Game, since we always seem to play it at baby showers:) My junior and senior primary kids get really in to it. I place my flannel board on a music stand so I can easily spin it around, but a blanket over the top works well too. To play, turn the board around and remove one piece of the story. Turn it back around and have the children try to guess which piece is missing. They have to raise their hands, and when they guess it you can ask them more questions about the item.

To close, share a personal temple story, a great experience you've had there. Bear your testimony and encourage them to strive for the temple. I like to ask their teachers for their experiences in the temple too.

Have a wonderful lesson. If you haven't answered my question about sharing time lessons, please click here to let me know what you think.